Dicarre Nano Face Mask Reusable PM 0.075, ASTM level 3 , Kickstarter Recommended

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Dicarre Nano Face Mask Reusable PM 0.075, ASTM level 3 , Kickstarter Recommended

What things in the box ? 1 box = 30 masks (Multicolor) PP/PE Non-woven + 2pcs earloop extender for face mask

Background story

"Our number one priority should be the health and wellbeing of ourself, our family, and our loved ones"

One Di Nano Mask = 5 x Disposable Face Mask


We focus to work with the nano-material engineers, to make the highest filtration material, a world class nano-porous filtering membrane, we name it the“ Ucheenano ”

Working together with our dedicated engineering groups, we endeavour to develop world class nanotechnology membranes and protective products, to innovate applications of Nano-membrane which have be tested for military purpose into everyday uses, and it is our hope that we can make this high- spec protective nano~mask available in fastest manner to the general consumers, to make it more affordable, and to let this world class technology protect our health.

Waterproof, air permeable, flame retardance

Each aquare inch contains over 9 billion small holes

It can be processed with fire retardant fabrics

Over 99% PM0.075 protection with the aperture around 10-200 nanometer

Provides high anti-oil stain feature
The Arrival of the most remarkable mask from Nano-technology

Di Nano mask is unlike other protective masks you've tried before. Independent testing shows it has better protection and breathability.

Di Nano Mask ~ 5 layers protection
Ucheenano Filtering Membrane = Our portable air purifier

Di Nano masks use physical filtration, based on the nonporous structure of the membrane as the barrier, to filter 99.9% of particulate matters of aerodynamic diameter as low as 0.075μm, and to effectively block 95% of oil particles.

Ucheenano membrane is furthermore waterproof, air permeable, oil resistant, and more, providing effectively better defense.

5-Layers (Nano Filter)
Reusable (Up to 5 Times)
PM0.075 ≧99%
BFE ≧99%
PFE ≧99%
VFE ≧99%
Unparalleled Filtration Efficiency
Highly Breathable

Electron microscope at 1,000x magnification

Di Nano Mask uses nonporous membrane as physical filter. Unlike other regular mask using Meltblown electret filter, where its filtration efficiency decreases exponentially with time as a result of the electrostatic decay, and deteriorate further by air moisture or exposed to solvents including water, ethanol and other disinfectant, the filtration rate of the “ Ucheenano ” filter would not decade after repeated cleaning and still able to maintain highest protection against any airborne contaminants.

Di Nano Mask is thus washable and with its Nano membrane over 85 % to 90 % effective porosity, providing large area for air exchange, it achieves both superior protection and comfort.

One Di Nano Mask = 5 x Disposable Face Mask
Washable up to Several times

TTRI to the Test ACCORDING, Masks REMAIN 95% Effectiveness for the After being Washed 5 Times by 75% - 95% alcohol or Clean Water.

Use clean water to clean the mask, If the mask is used in a heavily polluted environment, please use warm water (approximately 50°C) with mild washing-up detergent to clean the mask, and don't twist the mask.

Disinfection the For, Clean Gently and Rubbing at The mask by IT in 75% - 95% alcohol.

Proudly present our Certifications & Test Reports from below renowned Authorities

DI Nano Mask obtains Nelson labs reports with BFE, PFE and VFE> 99% filtration efficiency.

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Final Report

Latex Particle Challenge (PFE) Final Report

Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) Final Report

Document & Report: Once we have more certificate or test reports, we will update at once!
Did you secure the ideal mask?
We believe an outstanding face mask should be widely accepted by most people. It should be easy to put on and easy to take off, it should offer the best filtration and at the same time being super light, breathable, comfortable, hygienic and lasting.

Di Nano Masks are entirely manufactured in Hong Kong and Taiwan where we partnered with several largest manufacturers capable of making 1 million nano masks daily. All masks are manufactured in ISO class 8 clean room and each mask is sterilised and individually packaged to ensure the highest hygiene .

Comparison of Nano Filtering Membrane and traditional filter material

Size: Adult 175mm x 90mm. Kids 145mm x 90mm. (Picture for reference only)
Is the Di Nano Mask right for me?

People who may benefit from improved protection include:

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