Philips Sonicare G3 Premium Gum Care Standard sonic toothbrush heads HX9053 3-PS

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Philips Sonicare G3 Premium Gum CareStandard sonic toothbrush heads HX9053

Healthier gums for a healthier smile

Help patients practice better gum health and protect their smile with our G3 Premium Gum Care brush head. Soft sides flex and adapt to the contours of gums for 2x more surface contact* as they brush & superior plaque removal at the gumline

Healthier gums for a healthier smile

Up to 7x healthier gums in just 2 weeks*

  • 3-pack
  • Standard size
  • Click-on
  • BrushSync mode pairing
  • Up to 100% less gingival inflammation*

    With Premium Gum Care, even the deepest clean is gentle. As the brush head moves along the gumline, its flexible sides and bristles absorb any excessive pressure so gums are protected even if patients are brushing too hard. Its rounded profile allows the bristles to clean evenly while being gentle on gums. Extra-soft gumline bristles deliver a gentle yet effective clean along the gumline, where gum disease starts. The brush head's smaller size allows easy maneuvering even in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Up to 2x more surface contact* for an effortless deep clean

    Patients get a personalized clean every time they brush with our adaptive cleaning technology. Soft, flexible rubber sides let Premium Gum Care adapt to the unique contours of the mouth. Our bristles adjust to gums and teeth, giving patients up to 2x more surface contact than a DiamondClean brush head for deeper cleaning, even in hard-to-reach spots. Adaptive cleaning technology also: allows gentle tracking along the gumline; absorbs excessive brushing pressure; and enables an enhanced sweeping motion, for a unique in-mouth feel and superior cleaning.
  • Up to 10x more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush

    The Philips Sonicare Premium Clean brush head provides patients our deepest clean yet. With its flexible sides and unique bristle pattern design, Premium Clean is proven to remove up to 10x more plaque, even in hard-to-reach spots** for a truly deep clean along the gumline and between teeth.
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