SkyClean - Nano silver Photocatalyst Disinfectant Spray one Pack

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SkyClean - Nano silver Photocatalyst one Pack (You can attach additional supplement 350mL)

For home use, it’s important to buy our 350ml refill
-Mopping floors, wiping platforms, spraying walls, spraying furniture, spraying clothes, full sterilization, inorganic
99.9% kill and inhibit all kinds of bacteria and viruses

-Not only cheaper than a certain disinfection brand, but also superior in sterilization and continuous function
-One spray disinfection, the longer the time, the stronger the sterilization function
-After drying, a nano-silver antibacterial coating is formed, even if you take Zuoxixin with it, you will not be surprised!
-Does not contain irritating ingredients and is not sensitizing
-Infants, pregnant women, people with sensitive skin, and pets can use it with peace of mind
-Portable spray design
Continuous spraying of fine spray, which dries faster than normal disinfection products, no need to rinse

-Scope of application

-Personal care
Hands, feet, skin (avoid contact with eyes)

-Commercial use

Office (for example: computer supplies, stationery supplies, telephone handset)

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