The gen - Fermented Black Bean and Blueberry Enzyme (720ml)

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Blueberry black soybean enzyme-blueberry meets black soybean

With triple protection of eye protection, invigorating brain, nourishing liver and kidney, the taste of blueberry is a try

Won the Japan Health and Medical Association Award
Manufacturing method obtained R&D patent

Produced in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, 100% imported
No alcohol, no added

Using Kuma River’s national treasure mountain spring water, carefully selected Japanese Tanba black soybeans and high-quality rice fermented rice koji, brewed without additives, rich in protein, cellulose, polyphenols, citric acid, sixteen amino acids and mineral nutrients Etc., is the world's first healthy beverage successfully fermented from black soybeans instead of alcohol, and is a very popular health treasure.

Prevent hair loss
Prevent constipation
Nourish liver and kidney
Drop three highs
Eye protection and brain
Helps deep sleep

nutrient content

Amino acids: enhance immunity and stimulate cell growth

Citric acid: promote blood circulation and help intestinal peristalsis

Polyphenols: Anti-oxidation, beauty and anti-aging

Lecithin: to invigorate the brain and prevent brain aging

Soy Lecithin: Protect cardiovascular health

Black Bean: Traditional Chinese medicine "tonifying kidney and yin, nourishing blood and calming liver, nourishing black hair, strengthening spleen and dampness, removing heat and detoxification"

Drinking method:

Health care: 30 ml daily

Help: 50-70 ml daily

Drink on an empty stomach in the morning: lower three highs and prevent constipation

Drink on an empty stomach at night: nourish the kidneys, protect hair, and help deep sleep

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